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Certified and non-certified translation, interpretation, corporate content subtitling and literal/adapted transcription.

With 30 years of experience, Korn Traduções provides certified and non-certified translation, post-editing, interpretation, subtitling and transcription/verbatim transcription services in several languages.

About Us

30 years of experience in the certified and non-certified translation market

Over almost 30 years in the market, we have provided translations to law firms, financial institutions and corporations worldwide with great precision and flexibility.

Our specialist translators’ solid knowledge base ensures the translated text is appropriate in style, with standardized terminology and adhering strictly to deadlines.



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Icone Tradução Juramentada

Certified Translation

Icone Apostilamento | Registro de Traduções

Apostille | Translation Registration

Icone Tradução Livre

Non-Certified Translation

Icone Tradução de Websites

Website Translation

Icone Tradução Técnica

Technical Translation

Icone Pós Edição de Tradução Automática

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Icone Degravação | Transcrição

Verbatim Transcription | Transcription

Icone Tradução de Websites


Icone Editoração, Diagramação e Conversão de Arquivos

DTP, Diagramming and Conversion of Files

Icone Revisão de Textos

Text Revision

Icone Interpretação Simultânea e Consecutiva

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

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empresa líder em tradução jurídica pela leaders league

A leading company in legal translation market

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Korn Traduções has been ranked as a leading company in legal translation by the Leaders League, and we are grateful to our clients and our team for this achievement.


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Korn Traduções retains full responsibility for ensuring that all the requirements of the International Standard ISO 17100 of Translation services — Requirements for translation services are met concerning the services or any part thereof provided by third parties.

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