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Korn Translations has worked with certified and non-certified translations for 30 years, and it has been recognized by the CSA as one of the world’s top legal translation companies.

With the goal of always offering the best language service, the features that set us apart include the continuous training of our team and the quality control which permeates the entire path of our services, from the quote to the delivery of the translated text. In order to do this, we encourage the professional and personal development of each team member, along with a balance between solid business growth and respect for people.

Furthermore, we continually strive to develop methods and processes that result in the best linguistic and technological solutions. Cutting edge technology enables us to work with large amounts of text, while maintaining efficient and agile terminology standardization and quality control. The optimization of these resources allows us to assure respect for the concepts that make up the foundation of our work: RELIABILITY, CONFIDENTIALITY and PUNCTUALITY.



WITH CLIENTS: By understanding and answering questions, acknowledging the importance of the various requests, and acting promptly in a fully personalized service. We strive to deal with our audience in a way that is informative and open to dialog, always focusing on results and ensuring the best results.

WITH ASSOCIATES: Continuous enhancement of our team through courses, lectures, continuing education subsidies and daily training, besides access to cutting-edge technology and to the best practices. Our up-to-date management uses integrated systems which enable personnel development and administration, in addition to investing in work methods and processes that assist daily activities and make the job easier, generating better results.

WITH PARTNERS: To ensure cooperation with mutual benefits, respect and professionalism, creating a relationship of trust with support for doubts and continuous feedback.


The diversity of the ethnicities, beliefs and origins of our professionals (including the internal team and independent translators) strengthens our understanding of the world around us, of the texts we work with and of the nature of our business. Each of these professionals enriches us by bringing to the company their different backgrounds, their diverse knowledge and their ample culture. Together, they complete the team at Korn Translations and enable it to meet the most diverse translation needs from our clients.

ETHICS IN RELATIONSHIPS: Expressed by strict confidentiality, the observance of deadlines, a team in tune with the needs of each client, socio-environmental responsibility, and respect for clients.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: With the continuous pursuit for technological innovation and the enhancement of methods and processes.

UP-TO-DATE MANAGEMENT: Using integrated systems, personnel development and administration, as well as investing in work methods and processes.


Capability to handle large volumes of work with quality and within the deadlines that meet the needs of our clients.


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Currently, Korn Translations has two partners – all of whom are widely experienced in the industry – and more than 40 highly qualified professionals, including translators, proofreaders, customer service personnel, IT professionals and support staff. We also have a large team of independent translators who specialize in the legal, financial and technical fields, among others, which enables us to seek the most appropriate individual skills for the particularities of each text, including certified translators with whom we are partnered.

Célia Korn, the company’s majority member and founder, completed her high school education at Clarenceville High School in Michigan, USA. She obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in English at the University of Michigan and continued her studies at the University of Washington, USA. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from FAAP (Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation) and a Graduate Degree in Business Communication from ESPM (Higher School of Advertising and Marketing), both in São Paulo, Brazil. She completed the course for Translators and Interpreters at Berlitz and the course for specialization in Legal Translation at Associação Alumni (Alumni Association). Additionally, she worked as a translator for Pinheiro Neto Advogados, one of the largest law offices in Brazil. She became a Certified Translator and Commercial Interpreter for the English language in July 2000. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of ATPIESP (Association of Certified Translators and Commercial Interpreters of the State of São Paulo).

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