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Digital Certified Translation

Korn Traduções can now deliver certified digital translation in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese to your home or office, anywhere in the world!

There are plenty of advantages in having a digital certified translation sent to you. There is no need for transport, and the translator’s signature does not have to be authenticated: this all saves time and money.

For the procedure to be totally digital, the original document also has to be sent in digital form, whether it is a computer file or bears a digital signature. But of course not all documents can be sent with a digital certificate, and so we will continue to accept hard copies of documents delivered to our office.

You can also mail or courier documents to us. And we can be getting the translations done ready for action as soon as the originals arrive.

Another possibility is for us to issue a certified translation with a digital signature without having received the original document. In this case, we shall have to state that the translation was made from a copy.

Whichever way you want us to handle it, at Korn Traduções we are always ready to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Don’t forget, a certified translation with a digital signature has exactly the same value as one signed on paper.

This is Korn Translations evolving alongside you!

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