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Legal translation

Initially, it is necessary to make a distinction between legal translation and certified translation. A legal translation deals specifically with topics in the legal field, and it does not always have to be performed by a certified translator. On the other hand, a certified translation can deal with any subject, including the legal field, but it must necessarily be performed by a certified translator and commercial interpreter (sworn translator), since it is an official document.

Among the various types of technical translations, a legal translation is one that imposes the most challenges to professional translators. Since it is highly specialized, a legal translation requires the translator to know the various legal systems, to be skilled in legal writing, to have a mastery of the specific terminology, and to be able to standardize the terminology.

A legal translation doesn’t necessarily have to be a certified translation; however, if the translation is for official purposes, then it must be done by a certified translator who is a specialist in that particular area.

Korn Translations is proud of its team of legal translators, and professionals qualified in Law and Translation, who are widely qualified to handle various legal texts, from contracts to highly complex procedural documents.

Each legal translator at Korn Translations knows well the demands of this market – strict confidentiality, rigorous observance to deadlines and terminology rigor. All legal translations performed by our team undergo rigorous proofreading and quality control by proofreaders experienced in the field.

Our translators specialized in the legal field are prepared to translate large volumes of text within tight deadlines. After over two decades working for law offices, we understand the needs for urgent translations and deadline compliance. At Korn Translations, your deadline is our deadline!

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