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Non-certified translation

A translation may be certified (sworn) or non-certified. (Learn more about certified translations here.)

A non-certified translation, also known as a regular translation (not sworn), is not for official purposes and, therefore, it does not have to be performed by a certified (sworn) translator. Such translation cannot be used in public offices nor can it be used against third parties in legal proceedings.

The translation of websites, résumés, articles, and school assignments are examples of texts that usually do not require certified translations. Additionally, it is possible that some documents do not require a certified translation, if they do not need to be submitted to a public agency.

Contrary to certified translations, the fees for non-certified translations are not regulated, since they depend on the characteristics of the text, the type of file sent and the deadlines requested. For this reason, for us to be able to prepare a quote, it is necessary for the client to send us the text for analysis by the professionals at Korn Translations.

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