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Here at Korn Translations, we believe that translation is much more than putting a text from one language into another.

Our aim is to deliver translations that are faithful to the original text, but that take into consideration the cultural, regional, historical, legal and contextual differences of each situation. Because we specialize in document translation, we understand that terminological consistency is an essential part of our work.

Our translators, revisors and proofreaders are always native speakers and chosen according to their areas of expertise, thus ensuring that the translations are in accordance with the technical requirements of different industries. We maintain a strict Quality Assurance Department, for which we are known in the market.

In our translations, we use glossaries provided by the client or prepare a glossary and style guide specific to each industry.

And because we are always up to date with the use of the best technological tools and methodologies, our ability to deliver large volumes of accurate translationpromptly is constantly increasing.

We provide translation services in a range of languages, either through our internal team or with our international partners.

Whatever you need translated, including technical translations, certified translations and non-certified translations, you can count on Korn!

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