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Privacy Policy

  1. Declaration of Data Privacy

Korn Traduções (“Korn” or “we”) cares about respecting and protecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is applicable to all employees, service providers, partners, and clients and is intended to present the guidelines defined and applied by Korn in the processing of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy comprises and contemplates, among other things, every personal information collection and/or processing through several channels, such as websites, applications, social networks, sales and events, or processing of data provided by partners, clients, and service providers for the provision of services.  

Our Privacy Policy is based on ethics and values followed by Korn and meets the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD – Law no. 13.709/2018) and the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law no. 12.965/2014), which set out the principles, guarantees, and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil.

Please, read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how and for what purpose your Personal Data may be collected by Korn. It is important that the Privacy Policy is interpreted jointly and in accordance with any other document, contract, or privacy clause that comes with it. Korn will act as the controller of your Personal Data; that is, it is incumbent upon us to make the decisions related to Personal Data Processing.

By selecting the acceptance field of the Privacy Policy, you declare that you accept and consent to the information provided herein.


  1. Personal Data, Collection Means, and Purpose of the Processing

“Personal Data” means information about an identified or identifiable individual. Examples of Personal Data include full name, occupation, identification document, Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF), address, email, telephone number, education degree, IP address (Internet Protocol), geolocation, vehicle information, among others.

“Sensitive Personal Data” means information about the most intimate aspect of an individual’s personalization. Accordingly, sensitive personal data are about racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, membership in trade unions or organizations of a religious, philosophical, or political nature, data related to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data;

“Processing” means every operation performed with Personal Data, such as collection, production, reception, classification, utilization, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, assessment or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion, or extraction;

“Subject” is a natural person related to the Personal Data subject to Processing.

Depending on the type of Subject (employees, service providers, partners, or clients) and the manner said Subject interacts with Korn, several categories of information are collected, such as:

  • Personal contact information: any information provided for purposes of contact, such as name, mailing address, email, business address, social network information, and telephone number.
  • Account login information: any information needed to give access to a specific account profile for the use of our services. Examples include email address, user name, password in irrecoverable format, and/or security questions and answers, among others.
  • Technical information on the computer/mobile device: any information on the computer system or other device that you use to access our web pages, our services, or our applications, the IP address used to connect your computer or device to the Internet, the type of operating system and the type and version of the web browser, among other browsing information.
  • Financial and payment information: necessary information to perform orders/agreements/invoicing/collections/payments/reimbursements. Korn certifies that its payment processing service ensures conformity of the financial and payment information with the applicable security laws, rules, and standards.
  • Sensitive Personal Data: whenever there is a need to collect and process Sensitive Personal Data for any reason, your prior and express consent will be requested. If Sensitive Personal Data needs to be processed for other purposes, such purposes have legal grounds, and Korn will notify the Subject in advance.
  • Personal Data of Children and Adolescents: whenever there is a need to collect and process Personal Data of children and minors (such as information on health care plan and other benefits or obligations), explicit consent from the parents or guardian will be requested.


2.1. Purpose of the Personal Data Processing

The Processing of your Personal Data may be performed by Korn in several means upon your consent, where applicable, by legal, regulatory, or contractual obligation, or otherwise. Korn may request that you provide your consent in writing, or through any means that confirms it, whenever necessary.

Your Personal Data is collected for feasibility and/or improvement of the translation services for which Korn was engaged to provide, as well as for:

  1. Identification and/or offering of relevant content on certain preference and/or interest expressed by you to Korn, including without limitation, newsletters, events, invitations, reminders, thank you notes, among others;
  2. Performance of client relations and service activities;
  3. Composition de database for suppliers and service providers of Korn;
  4. Composition of the database of job and internship applications and service providers to Korn;
  5. Conduction of recruiting, hiring, and training processes to meet our labor obligations to professionals/employees;
  6. Composition of employees’ databases, Alumni members, committees, and other groups;
  7. Registration of service providers and execution of related agreements;
  8. Conduction of internal operations (financial, accounting, labor, among others), problem solution, data analysis, data integration and consolidation;
  9. Sale of products and/or services;
  10. Risk management and detection, prevention and/or remediation of fraud or other potentially illegal or forbidden activities, further to violations of policies, agreements, or applicable terms of use;
  11. Protection, defense, and management of Korn’s interests;
  12. Performance of environmental and social projects and activities;
  13. Compliance with the applicable legislation;
  14. Notice on any changes in the Privacy Policy;
  15. Fulfillment of any other demand from you to Korn;
  • Types of Data Collected from the Website and Registration Methods

Korn collects Personal Data through online forms or physical means when you, for instance, enroll in an event, sends information to apply for a position or fills out a contact form on the website.

When you register or send information to Korn, we generally request data such as your name, email, telephone number, position and company. In addition, other personal information may be received through resumés sent by you when applying for a position, through third parties, such as the company you work for, or even from public sources.


  • Internet Browsing Data

When you access our website, we collect internet standard registration data and behavior standard. Korn executes this action to gather information such as the number of visitors to different parts of Korn’s website.

We use analytics tools that help us analyze the access and use of our website. The tool uses “cookies”, which are text files located in your computer, to collect information on standard internet registration and visitor’s behavior anonymously, always with the purpose of assessing the use of the website by visitors and compile statistical reports on the activity on Korn’s website. In case of interest in knowing more about cookies, including how to control them, see the website

Korn’s pages or services may also use other tracking technologies, including IP addresses, registration files, and web beacons, which also help us adapt Korn’s website to your personal needs.


  1. Data Storage and Retention

Korn may store your Personal Data for the time needed to meet the purposes mentioned in this policy and applicable laws and regulations, as the case may be. For determination of the method and duration of the Processing of your Personal Data by Korn, the nature of your Personal Data provided to Korn and the purpose of the Processing will be considered. Once this purpose is met, your Personal Data will be deleted.

Certified translations, also known as sworn translations, are public documents and cannot be discarded. Certified translators must keep a copy of each translation made and record it in the Registry of Commerce of the state in which they are enrolled (Decree no. 13.609/43 and Resolution of the Registry of Commerce of each State).

The elimination of data and information, when necessary, will be made through established physical or electronic elimination procedures, subject to the existing legislation and in such manner as to eliminate all evidence and copies in possession of Korn.


  1. Personal Data Sharing

Korn will not sell your Personal Data, but may share or transfer them to third parties, in Brazil or abroad, for meeting the purposes set out in this policy and any court orders or decisions by any other competent authority, according to the applicable legislation. Therefore, Korn may share with or transfer your Personal Data to third parties, within or outside Brazil, in the following events:

  • The services provided by Korn require the support of a technologic infrastructure that may be established outside Brazil, such as cloud servers and services, which may be owned or provided by third parties, IT systems providers or services related to payroll and human resources, among others;
  • Banks, exclusively for contractual or labor transactions;
  • Business partners with which Korn keeps cooperation or alliances, which will be aware and undertake responsibilities and commitments regarding Personal Data privacy agreed in specific contractual clauses. By authorizing the quotation, you are giving consent to Korn Traduções to send, whenever necessary, your personal data or possible personal and/or sensitive data contained in documents sent, to partner professionals who are outside Brazil for the sole purpose of meeting your request for translation services in the best manner. The data sent will only be that needed to perform the requested activities, ensuring the rights, principles, and safeguards set out by the LGPD regime; and
  • Administrative and judicial authorities that, in the performance of their authority, require such information.

For cases not provided for above that call for Personal Data sharing, the express authorization (consent) will be requested from the Personal Data Subject through a notice with information on the sharing.

In all events, Korn undertakes to share only the Personal Data needed for the performance of the respective purpose or meeting the respective specific order, as the case may be.


  1. COVID-19 – Item Applicable to Employees and Visitors

By virtue of the Covid-19 contagion prevention and control measures, Korn and/or the building where it is located may also collect personal information from its employees, service providers, and visitors, such as health history in relation to Covid-19, information on the workplace and body temperature, among others.


  1. Cross-Border Processing

The services provided by Korn require the support of a technological infrastructure that may be established outside Brazil, such as cloud servers and services, which may be owned or provided by third parties. In addition, for the performance of its activities, Korn may have to share your Personal Data with third parties outside Brazil.

In these cases, Korn ensures that it will only hire third parties that meet the highest security standards and that apply, at least, the same level of compliance with the LGPD and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for data transfer for Europe, and with ADPPA (American Federal Data Protection and Privacy Act) for data transferred to the USA.


  1. Security

Korn and the third parties with which your Personal Data may be shared follow the security standards required for prevention and remediation of unauthorized access to Personal Data, employing the applicable means and recommended security standards to protect it, to the extent technically and operationally feasible.


  1. Third Parties’ Link

Korn may offer links for forwarding to third parties’ websites for purposes of improving your browsing experience, information, or service provision.  Korn clarifies that this Privacy Policy does not apply to Personal Data provided by you to any companies, individuals and/or organizations other than Korn. Such natural or legal persons may adopt different policies related to privacy and information of Personal Data collected by them and processed in any other manner.

Korn recommends that you check the privacy policies of such persons and/or third parties’ websites prior to providing your Personal Data.


  1. Rights of the Data Subject

Korn respects your privacy and cares about providing the necessary channels to enable you to exercise your rights and receive proper, clear, and transparent information on the use and processing of your Personal Data. Therefore, any request to change incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data and/or for exclusion of data provided to Korn, including Personal Data, should be done by email to [email protected].

The request will be analyzed, and, in case it does not entail interruption of the service provision by Korn or fits within one of the events of preservation of data, performed. Should it entail interruption of the service provision, your relationship with Korn will be terminated, but the obligations resulting from the provision will remain valid and, in such event, your information and Personal Data will remain being used and processed by Korn and/or authorized third parties until the need or purposes set out in this Policy are met.

Further to the change and exclusion of Personal Data, you may also exercise the following rights upon request to Korn by email to [email protected]

  • confirmation on whether the processing of your Personal Data is performed by Korn and/or authorized third parties, including after termination of your relationship with Korn;
  • obtaining information on which Personal Data is stored and otherwise processed by Korn;
  • information on the public and private entities with which Korn shared the data;
  • request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;
  • information on the possibility of not providing consent and on the consequences of the denial when Korn requests your consent for Personal Data processing in some specific situation;
  • revocation of the consent when Korn requests your consent for Personal Data processing in any specific situation; and
  • notice to Korn that you disagree with your Personal Data processing with an explanation of the reasons for refusal, for analysis of the case by Korn.

For security purposes, Korn may request additional data or information to confirm the Subject’s identity and authenticity in case of requested exercise of such rights.

The Subject may contact the company through an email to privacidade@korntraduçõ


  1. Communication: Change, Cancellation, or Doubts about this Privacy Policy

If you wish to access, change, or delete your Personal Data provided to Korn or exercise any of your rights as Data Subject, contact us through email to [email protected]. We will take the required measures and/or reply to the email within a reasonable period, according to Korn’s technical and operational feasibility. Korn may also request you to update your Personal Data periodically.

If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, wish to delete any Personal Data processed by Korn or obtain clarifications on the application of this Privacy Policy and your rights, contact us by email to [email protected]. We will be happy to clarify any doubts and/or meet your request.

Lastly, if you received communication from Korn and did not intend to receive it, notify us through the link “Unsubscribe” or send an email to [email protected].

Korn’s purpose is to answer all requests above as soon as possible.


  1. Data Protection Officer

Korn is headquartered in São Paulo – Brazil. The contact information for Korn’s Data Protection Officer is:


Av. Nove de Julho, 3384 Cj 64/65

São Paulo, SP – Cep 01406-000

[email protected]


  1. Changes in this Privacy Policy

All Personal Data processed by Korn will be in conformity with this Privacy Policy and the above-mentioned purposes.

Korn reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in full or in part at any time.  The date of the latest update will be inserted in the revised Policy, as indicated below.

Refer to this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. The use of Korn’s website or provision of Personal Data through any other means presumes your consent to this Privacy Policy.


  1. Revision and Approval of this Policy

This Policy may be revised every two years or at any time, as needed or desired by Korn, according to the approval cycle of the involved areas and authorities. An updated version of this Policy will be made duly available on this page as soon as it is completed.  

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