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Korn Traduções always seeks to offer the best services. One of our differentials is the continuous training of our employees, technological updating and quality control based on certifications. For this, we encourage each employee’s professional and individual development, aiming to ensure that every project is managed with excellence. This excellence is precisely what has led to our achieving the following certifications:
  • The NBR ISO/IEC 27001:2013, seal, obtained in 2021, which certifies our Information Security Management System in full compliance with the LGPD, the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (click here to open the document);
  • The NBR ISO 9001:2015, seal, also obtained in 2021, which certifies our Quality Management System;
  • The NBR 17100, seal, obtained in 2022, which certifies our Translation Services; and
  • The NBR 18587, seal, also obtained in 2022, which certifies our Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output services;

Benefits of ISO certifications for our clients

The benefit for our clients of these certifications is knowing that their personal data and confidential information are being properly processed, maintained, and protected and that our services are in full compliance with the LGPD. Furthermore, our Quality Management certification reflects the high quality of our services. Finally, our MTPE certification shows that we are ready to offer machine translation post-editing services with the quality and security you need.

Achieving the 27001 seal solidifies all the care and criteria with which we treat the information that is under our responsibility, including personal, financial, administrative and client data in our physical and digital environments and remote operations (for employees who work from home).

This protection covers the storage and processing of information on exclusive corporate computers, monitored and traceable, anonymization methodologies, and security policies that are well-established and tested.

The 9001 seal, also obtained in June 2021, guarantees the optimization of all our processes and the agility with which we develop each project and efficiency when documenting each phase, maintaining continuous growth and improvement in all the services offered by Korn Traduções.

The 17100 and 18587 seals, obtained in 2022, guarantee the excellence of our translation and post-editing of machine translation output services.

The following of our services have been certified:

  • Translation
  • Certified Translation (Public Translation)
  • Website translation
  • Text revision
  • Interpretation
  • Subtitling
  • Transcription
  • Post-editing

“We position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the Latin American language industry in terms of data protection, information security, quality of translation and machine translation post-editing services," says Celia Korn, CEO of Korn Traduções

In addition to these certifications, Korn Traduções received the Accredited Member (Certified Company) seal by the ATC – Association of Translation Companies in the United Kingdom.

Korn Traduções is one of Latin America’s leading legal, financial, and corporate translation companies. ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management System, in full compliance with the LGPD, ISO 17100 – Translation Services, ISO 18587 – Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output.

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