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Quality Policy and Information Security Policy

Quality Policy

Korn undertakes to meet client needs, providing language services related to certified and non-certified translation in the legal, financial and technical areas, revision, website translation, typing, formatting, copy editing, layout and audiovisual translation, video and audio transcription, with recognized quality in the market and continuous improvement of its quality management system.

Information Security Policy

Korn’s information security policy is supported by actions aimed at enabling and ensuring:

  • Confidentiality: the information shall not be made available or disclosed to an unauthorized or accredited person, system, agency, or entity;
  • Integrity: the information shall not be modified or destroyed in an unauthorized or unintentional manner;
  • Availability: the information shall be accessed and used whenever required by an individual or duly authorized system, agency, or entity.

Additionally, our policy is based on the following principles:

  • Information is an essential asset for Korn’s processes;
  • Information security applies to all Korn employees, including all departments/areas/and divisions, and specific responsibilities are assigned to certain roles;
  • Korn has defined and implemented specific information security policies and ensures that such policies are properly in place and up to date;
  • Korn continuously evaluates its information security management system and implements improvement actions whenever applicable.

These are the high-level QMS and ISMS policies that outline the strategic intent and purposes of quality management and information security.

Detailed policies describe a specific information security area in further detail, with specific responsibilities such as mobile device usage policy, access control policy, clean desk policy, clear screen policy, information transfer policy, among others.

All such policies have been approved by Korn’s management and are regularly reviewed during critical analysis by QMS and ISMS managers.

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